5 Final Things To Remember:

1 Remember, a good mix will produce a great master.

2 Do not make your final mix levels too loud. 6-to -10 dbfs will work in most cases.
Click here for a pic of optimum audio final mix levels from Wikipedia.

3 Do NOT put a processor or plug-in (ie compressor/limiter) across the Master Bus

4 Try not to master mp3,mp4/ aac. These are compressed audio files that are lower in quality. You want to deliver your master formatted to offer the best quality. We advise to use 24 bit 44.1K  AIFF or Wav files. Bwf and SD2 are also ok. We can also work with final mix audio copies from cds however, these are 16 bit by default.. Usable, but not the best format.

5 Including a song reference of a cd that you like is always a great idea and helps us to pinpoint what you want your finished master to sound like.

Remember, a great mix will produce a great master. Spend the necessary time it takes to get your mix right before the final mastering process.


What audio formats are acceptable?

All mixes should be final stereo 2 track audio files

DO NOT SEND SESSION FILES. No Logic or ProTools Sessions with seperate stems.

All files should be interleaved (not separate left and right files).


Please note: when saving your files, please make sure they are saved with a file extension, i.e. trackname.wav

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Check out mastering engineer Lee Evans prepping you about proper levels for sending your masters



Below are some Mix and Master samples

All levels are actual mix then mastered levels...
No extra enhancements were used on the audio.

Remember...a great mix helps ensure a great master!

Make your mix phenominal and let our Mastering Engineers take it to new heights!

Enjoy our samples of some of the best signed and unsigned music mastered or mixed and mastered here at
JAMBOX Mastering LAB

Thanks to the many talented artists that chose to share snippets
of their work for the world to hear